March SLP Madness – Round One!


It’s that magical time of the year for basketball fans… March Madness.  In the spirit of the tournament, some of my blogger friends have decided to do March Madness with an SLP twist!  While you may not know a layup from a free throw, you DO know a tongue depressor from an SLP Blog and […]

Why I’m Proud to be “Just” a School SLP


Hello 2016!  I hope this year brings you a wonderful journey with learning and laughs!  This is already a year of change for me!  I recently decided to go back into the schools and to continue doing Early Intervention part time in the evenings.  It has been a huge decision, but one that I am […]

15 Gifts for Speech-Language Pathologists!


I tried to resist.  I downloaded too many TED talks, tuned into NPR, and caught up on Hulu.  But, let’s be honest, Adele’s new album isn’t out (until tomorrow) and all of my favorite shows had their “winter” finale this week filled with poinsettias and tinsel.  I caved.  Christmas music has been played. So, despite it […]

Misophonia: What SLPs & Educators Need to Know


Two SLPs walk into a PD session… No, this isn’t a terrible joke, it’s a comparison.  Two SLPs walk into a PD session.  SLP #1 spots a seat, sits there, pulls out her adorable notepad and begins doodling her To-Do list, and waits for the presentation to start.  SLP #2 spots a seat, but it’s next to a woman […]